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District, Era
Saddler Roxburghshire, 14th Century  
Salmond Perthshire, 15th century  
Salter Stirlingshire, 16th Century  
Salton, Saltoun East Lothian, 14th Century  
Samson Lanarkshire, 16th century  
Sandeman Perthshire, 17th Century  
Sanders Perthshire, 15th Century MacDonnell
Sanderson East Lothian, 16th Century MacDonald
Sandeson Shetland, 15th Century Gunn
Sanford Fife, 15th Century  
Sandilands Clydsdale, 14th Century Douglas
Sandison Shetland, 15th Century Gunn
Sands Fife, 15th Century  
Sangster Aberdeenshire, 15th Century  
Sanquhar Paisley, 13th Century  
Saunderson East Lothian, 16th Century MacDonald
Savage Edinburgh, 17th Century  
Sawyer Glasgow, 15th Century  
Scales Dumfriesshire, 17th Century  
Scarlett Annandale, 13th Century  
Scarth Orkney, 15th Century  
Sclater Aberdeenshire, 14th Century  
Scobie Perthshire, 14th Century MacKay
Scollay Orkney, 16th Century  
Scoon Perthshire, 13th Century  
Scotland Kinross-shire, 12th Century  
Scott Berwickshire, 13th Century  
Scougal East Lothian, 13th Century  
Scrimingeur Fife, 13th Century  
Scrivayner Ayrshire, 14th Century  
Scroggie Perthshire, 15th Century  
Scroggs Peebleshire, 13th Century  
Seater Orkney, 16th Century  
Seeler Perth, 13th Century  
Seggie Kinross-shire, 15th Century  
Selby Berwickshire, 13th Century  
Selkirk Berwick, 13th Centuery  
Sellar Aberdeen, 13th Century  
Selvieland Lanark, 13th Century  
Semple Renfrewshire, 13th Century  
Serle Roxburghshire, 12th Century  
Service Stirlingshire, 13th Century  
Shand Aberdeenshire, 16th Century  
Shank Midlothian, 14th Century  
Shankland Dumfriesshire, 17th Century  
Shannan Galloway, 14th Century MacDonald
Sharpe Peebleshire, 14th Century  
Shaw Lanarkshire, 13th Century Chattan
Shearer Berwickshire, 14thCentury  
Shepherd Peebles, 14th Century  
Sheriff Aberdeen, 14th Century  
Shewan Kincardineshire, 16th Century  
Shiel Tweedale, 13th Century  
Shillinglaw Peebleshire, 17th Century  
Shirras Aberdeen, 15th Century  
Shivas Aberdeenshire, 14th century  
Short Stirlingshire, 15th Century  
Shortreed Roxburghshire, 17th Century  
Sibbald Fife, 13th Centuy  
Silver Angus, 15th Century  
Sim Lanarkshire, 16th Century Fraser
Simon Perthshire, 13th Century Fraser
Simson Edinburgh, 14th Century C. Testar
Sinclair Caithness, 12th Century Sinclair
Sinton Selkirkshire, 13th Century  
Sives East Lothian, 17th Century  
Sivewright Angus, 16th Century  
Skae Orkney, 15th Century  
Sked Midlothian, 17th Century  
Skeock Lanarkshire, 16th Century  
Skinner Aberdeen, 13th Century  
Skirving East Lothian 16 century Jerleen of FL.
Sleigh Aberdeen, 13th Century  
Slessor Aberdeenshire, 13th Century  
Slimon Perthshire, 15th Century  
Sloan Midlothian, 16th Century  
Smail Roxburghshire, 14th Century  
Smart Fife, 14th Century  
Smeaton Midlothian, 13th Century  
Smellie Lanarkshire, 14th Century  
Smith Perthshire, 13th Century MacPherson
Snell Ayrshire, 15th Century  
Snodgrass Ayrshire, 14th Century  
Snowden Lauder, 17th Century  
Somerville Roxburghshire, 14th Century  
Sorbie Wigtonshire, 13th Century  
Souness Aberdeenshire, 14th Century  
Souter Dumfries, 13th Century  
Spalding Kincardineshire, 13th Century Murray
Spankie Angus, 15thCentury  
Spark Aberdeen, 15th Century  
Speed Angus, 15th Century  
Speedie Dunfermline, 16th Century  
Speirs Ayrshire, 15th Century  
Spence Moray, 13th Century MacDuff
Spink Elgin, 13th Century  
Spittal Dumbartonshire, 14th Century Buchanan
Spottiswood Berwickshire, 13th Century  
Spowart Clackmannanshire, 17th Century  
Spreull Dumbartonshire, 13th Century  
Sprott Kirkcudbrightshire, 13th Century  
sprount Angus, 15th Century  
Squair Midlothian, 13th Century  
Stable Angus, 15th Century  
Stalker Berwickshire, 15th Century MacGregor
Stanford Lanarkshire, 13th Century  
Stanley Edinburgh, 15th Century  
Stark Lanarkshire, 16th Century Robertson
Stedman Angus, 16th Century  
Steele Roxburghshire, 13th Century  
Stein Ayrshire, 15th Century  
Stenhouse Falkirk, 13th Century Bruce
Stevenson Ayrshire, 12th Century  
Still Aberdeenshire, 15th Century  
Stillie East Lothian, 13th Century  
Sirling Stirling, 12th Century  
Stirrat Ayrshire, 14th Century  
Stobbie Berwick, 14th Century  
Stoddart Kirkcudbrightshire, 14th Century  
Stone Roxburghshire, 13th Century  
Storrie Angus, 13th Century Ogilvie
Storer Banffshire 16th Century  
Stout Aberdeen, 13th Century  
Stove Orkney, 17th Century  
Strachan Kincardineshire, 11th Century  
Strange Angus, 13th Century  
Strathern Strathern, 12th Century  
Strathie Perthshire, 13th Century  
Stratton Midlothian, 13th Century  
Stringer Aberdeen, 15th Century MacGregor
Stronach Moray, 15th Century  
Struthers Roxburghshire, 16th Century  
Stuart Scotland, 12th Century  
Sturrock Angus, 15th Century  
Sumner Perth, 14th Century Lindsay
Sutherlan Sutherlandshire, 14th Century Sutherland C. Testar
Suttie East Lothian, 17th Century  
Swann Lanarkshire, 12th Century Gunn
Swanson Midlothian, 13th Century  
Swift Edinburgh, 15th Century  
Sydserf East Lothian, 13th Century  
Symington Lanarkshire, 14th Century  



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