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injury by the aid of the magistrates at Stirling, but did not escape in passing through Falkirk, for which assault some persons were punished ; he was assailed on a Sunday at Dalkeith in the same month, and deposed and excommunicated with others of his brethren by the Gen. Assembly 13th Dec. following. In 1645 he attended his majesty and the army at Newcastle, outlived the usurpation, and being the only surviving  bishop, was, on the establishment of Episcopacy in 1661, appointed to the Diocese of Orkney.-[Reg. Sec. Sigill., and Pres., Keith's Catal., Rutherfurd's Lett., Kirkton, and Wodrow's Hist., Mun. Univ. Glasg. iii., Lamont, and Nicoll's Diaries, Acts Parl. vii., Baillie's Lett., Acts Parl. vii., &c.]


1661. JAMES HAMILTON, A.M., promoted from Cambusnethan, appointed by his Majesty's letter 14th Aug., pres. 14th Nov., and consecrated (at London) 15th Dec.; again pres. 19th March 1662, and died 14th Aug. 16'74, in his 64th year, and 40th min. Kirkton, Burnet, and Wodrow, represent him as a very ordinary person; though Birnie, a relation (and perhaps more partial), represents him as "a man of sprightly but ordinary stature, well seen in divinity, especially polemicks and the languages, with a good memorie, accurate in the fathers and church historie; very pious and charitable, though strict in his morals, kind to his friends, and affable and courteous to strangers. A BOANERGES in the pulpit, and everie way worthie of the sacred character." He marr. 26th Aug. 1635 Margaret only daugh. of Mr Alex. Thomson, one of the min. of Edinburgh, she died 16th April 1667, and had three sons Alexander, Mr James, an advocate, and John, both of Broomhill, the latter was served heir 7th April 1681, and four daugh., Margaret, spouse of John Burns, merchant, late Provost of Glasgow, Jean, spouse of Mr John Birnie, of Broomhill, min. of Carluke, Isobell, spouse of Mr John Alexander min. of Durrisdeer, and Ann spouse of Mr Alex. Milne, one of the min. of Glasgow.-[Wodrow, Kirkton, and Burnet's Hist., Lamont, Brodie, and Nicoll's Diaries, Fam. of Broomhill, Acts Parl., vii. viii., Cambusnethan Sess. Reg., Min.-book Reg. Priv. Seal, Keith's Catal. with MS. Notes, Inq. Ret. Lanark 465, Baillie's Lett., &c.]


1675. JOHN PATERSONE, prom. from the Deanery of (High Ch.) Edinburgh, preferred 23d Oct. 1674, got his patent 15th Jan., and was consecrated in May 1675. He was allowed by his Majesty 28th May 16 7 8 to reside in or near Edinburgh or Glasgow, as he had no competent place of residence in his Diocese; was admitted a Privy Councillor 27th Sept. thereafter, (being the first Bishop so appointed since the Restoration); and was trans. to the Diocese of EDINBURGH 27th March 1679.-[Min.-book Reg. Priv. Seal, Keith's Catal., Wodrow's Hist., Fountainhall's Dec. i., Acts Parl. viii., &c.]


1679. ARTHUR Ross, A.M., trans. from ARGYLL 5th Sept., got his letters patent 13th Oct.; but was trans. to the Archbishopric of GLASGOW two days after.-[Keith's Catal., Min-book Reg. Priv: Seal, &c.]


1680. JAMES ATKINE, D.D., trans. from MORAY 6th Feb. and got his patent 6th March; he resided in Edinburgh, and made a noble stand in Parliament in 1686 against rescinding the penal statutes anent Popery. He died of apoplexy 15th Nov. 1687, in his 74th year, and 46th min. His haill librarie was estimat at vijc merks, the insicht at iiijc li., and the Frie geir and debts xxm iic xvj li. ix s. viii d. He marr. Anna Rutherford, and had four daugh. Marion, Lilias spouse of Mr Patrick Smyth, advocate, and afterwards of George Cheyne, chirurgeon, Leith, Alison spouse of Mr Duncan Robertson, sheriff-clerk of Argyll, and another

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