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Feb. 1764, and had a son Samuel, who succeeded to the living, and a daugh., who marr. Mr Gordon of Balmeg.-[Mun. Univ. Glasg. iii., Presb., and Syn. Reg., Tombst., New St. Acc. iv., Murray's Galloway, &c.]


1752. SAMUEL BROWN, son of the former, studied divinity in the Univ. of Glasgow and Edinburgh, licen. by the Presb. 21st August 1750, pres. by George II. in March 1751, ord. 6th Aug. after; died 25th July 1779, aged 55, in 27th min. He marr. 19th Feb. 1754 Margaret, daugh. of John Smith, Esq., of the Customs, Wigton; she died at Edinburgh 3d Jan. 1817, and had thirteen children, the youngest of whom was the amiable and accomplished Dr Thomas B., Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Univ. of Edinburgh. A daugh., Dorothea, marr. the Rev. James Thomson, Balmaclellan.-[Presb., and Syn. Reg., New St. Acc. iv., Murray's Galloway, &c.]


1780. JOHN INGLIS, pres. by John M'Culloch, Esq., of Barholm-,and ord. 12th Oct.; had D.D. from the Univ. of Edinburgh 8th Dec. 1788, but was deposed 17tb April 1804 for drunkenness and other improprieties of conduct and behaviour, which sentence was affirmed by the Synod 24th of said month. He died in the Charity Workhouse Edinburgh in Dec. 1818, in 65th age. He marr. 13th Dec. 1780 Margaret Bird.-[Presb., Syn., and Edin. Reg. (Bur.), Edin. Grad., Acts of Ass. 1804.]


[On this vacancy a presentation from John M'Culloch, Esq., elder and younger of Barholm, 2d and 4th June to Mr James Mitchell, preacher, and another from Geo. III. to the Rev. William Gillespie, Kells, 4th June, were laid before the Presb., which delayed proceedings till a decision was given by the Civil Court. Mr Gillespie resigned his Ares. in 1806.-Presb. Reg.]


1809. JOHN SIBBALD, son of William S., sawyer in Leith, licen. by the Presb. 3d July 1804, pres. by Geo. III. in Nov. 1806, ord. 20th April 1809; died 20th Dec. 1833, in 25th min. He marr. 3d July 1820 Harriet Smith, who survived him, and had issue.-[Presb., and Syn. Reg., Scots Mag. lxix., &c.]


1834. JOHN MUIR, licen. by the Presb. of Ayr 15th July 1829, pres. by John M'Culloch, Esq. of Barholm, in Feb., and ord. 19th June 1834. He got a new church built same year, and died 30th Nov. 1858, in 54th age, and 25th min. He marr. Gloriana M. Pearson, and had issue, of whom Joseph Johnston M. is an officer in the Madras army, and John M'Culloch M., and a daugh. Maggie.-Publication-Account of the Parish (New St. Acc. iv.).-Presb., and Syn. Reg., &c.]



The Church was dedicated to St. Michael, and previous to the Reformation belonged to the Priory of Whithorn. The parish was supplied by THOMAS REGNALL, reader and vicar, from 1567 to 1579, and JOHN MOFFAT in 1580, and was united with Kirkmabreck to Anwoth by the Commissioners of Parliament for Teinds 20th June 1618, but on the disjunction of Kirkmabreck in 1636 the parish was suppressed, the greater part being annexed to Kirkmabreck, and the smaller portion to Anwoth.


1590. JOHN MOFFET, removed from Kirkmabreck; he continued in 1594.-[Reg. Assig.]

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