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of deep regret. He marr. 24th March 1829, Matilda Lennock, and had five sons and three daughters.-Publication-Account of the Parish (New St. Ac. iv.)-[Presb., Keir Sess., and Syn. Reg., &c.]



The church was dedicated to St Cuthbert, and, previous to the Reformation, belonged to the Dean and Chapter of the Archbishopric of Glasgow. The parish was supplied by JOHN JAMESON, exhorter in 1567.


1574. JAMES BETOUN, fourth son of John B., of Balfour, Dunscoir and Holywood having been also in charge, with jc xx li. of stipend; he also held the parsonage of Auld Roxburghe, 37th Feb. 1575, and continued 25th Oct. 1577.-[Wood's East Neuk, Reg. Assig., Wodrow Miscell., Booke of the Kirk, Ind. to Reg. Deeds.]


1579. JAMES MAXWELL, formerly of Lochmaben, Reader at Traqueir in 1578; he continued 3d March 1584, and was Ares. to the Vicarage Pensionary of Haliwod by James VI. 29th Jan. 1582, "becaus the same is not foundit upon teind schewes and of zeirlie rent exceedis not the somme of xx merkis, and is not abill to sustein ane minister," and removed to Dunscore after. -[Reg. Assig., and Pres.]


1586. WILLIAM TAILZER, trans. from Penpont; continued in 1588, and was trans. to Tynron.-[Reg. Assig.]


1589. JOHN BROUNE, A.M., studied at St. Salvator's College, and had his degree from the Univ. of St. Andrews 10th Dec. 1586; he continued 14th Jan. 1643.-[Act. Rect. Univ. St. And., Reg. Assig., Commiss. to Ass. 1638, Test. Reg. (Edin., and Dumf.)]


1632. WILLIAM BROWN, A. M., probably son of the preceding, was laureated at the Univ. of Edinburgh 27th July 1622, he gave xx li. towards building the Library of the Univ. of Glasgow about 1632; died in Nov. 1636, aged about 35. By his last will, 27th of the preceding month, he left "to the mantenance of ane scoole at the kirk jc merkis." The insicht, &c., was estimat to x1 merks. He marr. Marione Corsane, who survived him, and had a son John who succeeded him in the lands of Inglistoun, and was served heir 2d July 1656.-[Reg. Laur. Univ. Edin., Mun. Univ. Glasg. iii., Test. Reg. (Dumf.), Inq. Ret. Dumfries 228.]


1653. JAMES BROTHERSTONE, A.M., attained his degree at the Univ. of Edinburgh 15th April 1645; deprived by the Acts of Parliament 11th June and 1st Oct. 1662, and died before 26th May 1679. In his confirmed Testament ane certain number of books, with the insicht, &c., were estimat at xl li.-[Reg. Laur. Univ. Edin., Edin. Gen. Sess. and Test. Reg. (Dumf), Wodrow’s Hist.]


1665. GEORGE HUNTER, A.M. was laureated at the Univ. of Glasgow in 1651; ousted by the people in 1689; and died 25th Jan. 1697, aged about 66. He marr. 1st, 18th Aug. 1665, Anna Foreman, in the city of Edinburgh, and had a daugh. Margaret; 2dly, Elizabeth Hume, who died 18th Jan. 1701.-[Mun. Univ. Glasg. iii., Edin. (Marr., Bur., and Bapt.), Test. Reg. (Dumf.), MS. Acc. of Min. 1689.]


1693. GEORGE BOYD, A.M., graduated at the Univ. of Edinburgh 30th April 1689, called

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