The Inscription below is from one of my Ancestors Tombstones in Athelstaneford, Churchyard, Haddingtonshire, East lothian Scotland.

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Placed here in 1487
To the Memory of
John Walker
Gardener of Gilmerton
Renewed 1869 to the Memory
of his Descendants and Tenants
in Athelestaneford and Beanston Hill
1798 and also of John Walker
who died at Haddington 1847
and of his spouse Margaret Hepburn
Daughter of the Rev. Thomas Hepburn
Minister of Athelestanford and four of their children
Renewed 1910 in memory of William and Hay
Walker who died in Allegheny City Pennsylvania, USA
1883 and 1884
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Inside the church at Athelstaneford, East Lothian, there is a stained glass window, the inscription reads.
In Memory of Thomas Hepburn and John Walker and their descendants this
window is dedicated memir

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I have been researching Scottish Genealogy and families their Ancestors and History for myself and clients for many years. I carry out most of my work at General Register House and the Registers of Scotland, Edinburgh, some of the Records they hold are Births, Deaths, Marriages, Stillborn Births, Adoptions, census records and Divorces in Scotland, also Military Records for WWI, and WWII also the the Boer War.

My own family names are: Campbell, Clarke, Fiddler, Hepburn, Lang, Macdonald, Nisbet, Sim/Sime, Sutherland, Walker and many more, some family names going back to late 15th Century.

Attention the following links will take you to Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Scottish Ministers from the 16th century to th 19th century, also you can view Scottish Clan and Surname Stationery here, each one of these wonderful stationery have been created and produced by me.

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If you think you have Scottish genealogy in your blood or maybe Scottish Cousins you do not know about, and would like to find out whether you belong to one of the many Clans, then why not stay here for a wee break, as there is so much information about Scottish History on the Internet, including poor house records, especially about Genealogy.

There are many many Scottish Counties you might like to visit such as East Lothian or on the other side of Edinburgh there is West Lothian and if your east coast Ancestors came from the north of Scotland then why don't you give a visit to the Auld Town of Aberdeen even further north there is Invernesshire, sail across the waters and and see what is happening at the Hebride's, then go visit your ancestors on the Orkney's and see if you can speak Gaelic.

If you can't find what you are looking for you could always contact the Scottish Genealogy Society and if they can't find the names you are looking for, then there are plenty other places like libraries to find out about your Family surname. There are many families trying to trace there Ancestors from different origins such as American or from Jewish origins and from all over the World including New Zealand not forgetting England, Ireland and Wales.

There are so many Families and other Research Organization's looking for Your name so if you feel the need to search for your Kindred go ahead and search all you want. Whether you are just looking for one name or are more interested in LDS information or need someone's Social Security Number in the United States or just searching for some of the home pages there are plenty of places to visit on this page, to satisfy most of the genealogical enthusiasts. If you want to leave a message for someone with the Surname Walker or any other surname you can Post it here.
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Remember and check out the Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae,
the largest site for Scottish Ministers and their families.

For individuals or clubs who may be interested you can now purchase the Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Volume's I to Vol. VII, which is searchable by name and parish index on CD, each of these professional programs have been created and produced by yours truly. So you know that you will be receiving quality merchandise.


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